Day #8 - I did my 2nd sales call

August 11, 2020

I never was into sales!

However, building a SaaS product needs both technical and communication skills. People always need a personal touch when they buy digital products.

Today, I had my 2nd sales call ever with a VisualEyes prospect. Since I had done my debut on sales back on January, I was not so anxious.

It took almost 30 minutes to explain the basic value points of VisualEyes and the guy was super friendly. I really enjoyed the conversation.

My feeling is that it went well, let's see the outcome in a week though.

In other news, I've won a ☕️ from the official BuyMeACoffee giveaway and almost 20 new Twitter followers 🎉

Jim Raptis

Jim Raptis

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