Day #7 - The hassle of publishing a blog post

August 10, 2020

Launching a new product is always a hassle!

What I didn't know until recently is that hassle applies to blog posts, too.

It can take from a few hours to days to write a quality technical article. Then, another day to proof-read it and correct the undercover mistakes from the previous day. An undervalued step on the process is launching the actual post.

Today, I launched my the article "Build a landing page with Chakra UI - Part 1" and I lost over 4 hour for that. What I had to do?

  • Find the distribution channels (/r/reactjs subreddit, cross-post on, submit on
  • Tweet about the new blog post
  • Respond to all the folks that commended on the various posts
  • Prepare a newsletter could be another step, but I had already added it on the previous issue.

The outcome is that it takes a lot of time and effort to market a blog post without a huge audience (~600 twitter followers, ~400 Reddit karma, ~500 followers).

However it worthed every minute! I got almost 1k readers in a day, the majority of the traction came from the Reddit post (which was my most successful so far)

The 1k visitors on my blog according to Google Analytics
The 1k visitors on my blog according to Google Analytics

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