Day #45 - Landing page, a valuable asset

November 13, 2020

Building a good landing page can be a tedious procedure.

But it's a necessary skill every maker/indie-hacker/entrepreneur should develop.

A simple (yet effective) landing page is the easiest mean to validate a business idea and grow your product.

I love no-code solution but paying $20 per month for a simple landing page is not a solution for me.

Since I know the basics of coding, creating a landing page template and re-use it (with styling & content changes of course) is very powerful.

  1. It costs nothing, literally $0
  2. Have the freedom to customize it
  3. Don't add another external service to my stack

Today, I've released the landing page for the ProductHunt list. It took me 4 hours to set it up and deploy it.

And it lead to 4 sales so far with an >10 conversion rate!

Jim Raptis

Jim Raptis

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