Day #32 - Connections are everything

October 23, 2020

Another satisfied annual subscriber. It's such a relief to slowly see that my effort pay off and the early assumptions be validated.

But today was special for a different reason!

The Product Hunt launch (as always) boosted my online audience. Twitter, Dribbble and LinkedIn. I received a lot of messages from nice people. Among them, there was the CEO of a big Canva competitor with whom I scheduled a meeting today.

He was a very friendly and inspiring person. His team has an impressive marketing approach and is building a great product for a very interesting niche (e-commerce entrepreneurs).

We talked about many things, including possible integration for MagicPattern and VisualEyes.

The most important outcome was the interaction with a great person that taught me a bunch of nice lessons! I love meeting aspiring people!

Jim Raptis

Jim Raptis

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