Day #29 - Post-launch achievements

October 20, 2020

The day after a launch can boost your morale or make you feel miserable. For me, the first scenario happened!

The launch stats are impressive! Almost 10k visits in 4 days because of Reddit and Product Hunt launching.


An interesting observation is that most of the traffic came on the post-launch day. The reason behind this spike was a Reddit post in the /r/web-design subreddit.

A fellow developer shared the app and it kickstarted a very interesting conversation. We discussed mostly about MagicPattern pricing. It was a huge surprise that people defended the prices when a user mentioned that it's a pricy service.

Also, another person talked about the disgust for recurring subscriptions. I'm finally pursued to deploy a one-time payment method per pattern created!

P.S. I posted CSS background patterns on the same subreddit (/r/web_design) yesterday and they banned the post even though it had 43 likes. I'm so bored of Reddit's idiot algorithm. Why to ban a post that engaged 43 users in a few hours. Even if it's promotional, people loved the resource and spent their time on upvoting it. After all, I thought Reddit's value prop is to build a community of sharing useful stuff, isn't it?!

Jim Raptis

Jim Raptis

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