Day #28 - It's a Product Hunt launch day

October 19, 2020

During the weekend, I post CSS background tools on the /r/Frontend subreddit. The intention was to get initial feedback from developers and seek for bug reports.

The response was massive and made me excited about the app's value. 209 people loved the app and upvoted the post. Apparently, it was my most successful Reddit post and got me to rush the Product Hunt launch.

Then, I scheduled the launch for Monday morning. Kinda risky since many products launch every Monday on ProductHunt.

The goal was to attract many developers/designers interested into patterns, help them with simple patterns based on CSS and up-sell MagicPattern to those who need high-quality backgrounds!

The people's response was impressive! The product listing reached the top 5 products within the first two hours of the launch.

Real quickly! And I have to thank my Twitter audience for that who supported my launch for another time! 🙏

Jim Raptis

Jim Raptis

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