Day #27 - Another pricing experiment

October 15, 2020

"If I had a subscription for every pricing change, I'll have reached $1M AAR by today!" by Jim Raptis

For many days, I've been tempted to test another assumption on my pricing plans. Until today, I had zero Pro ($30 / mo) subscribers (Yeah I know it's sad 😭).

Then, I decided to make it even more appealing. And since conversions are still not the best I had nothing to lose.

Custom packs is the #1 competitive advantage and the most useful feature of MagicPattern. Then, it makes sense to let the Basic ($15/mo) users have access as well.

The only extra thing I needed it was a tempting feature to engourage sales for the higher Pro tier. And I found one. More licenses with a discount.

To me, it makes total sense that design agencies and teams will prefer to buy license in bulk in exhange of a discount. In the end, these are the people with the money (not the individual professional).

Let's see if this assumption will be proven true into the hard reality...

Jim Raptis

Jim Raptis

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