Day #25 - The power of Twitter

October 13, 2020

Today, I've spent most of the day on small fixes to achieve the "valuable" 100% score on Lighthouse. It's not a difficult but kinda boring task.

It took me a couple of hours but it will (hopefully) reward my effort on the following weeks or months.

Once it was done, I posted a small update for my audience on Twitter. A simple tweet showing my achievement.


Then, I moved to another task for a while. Before stopping the work, I did a quick check on the Google Analytics's panel for MagicPattern to close the day with a review. But....

Something was not right. I had an unexpected spike of traffic 1 hour ago. Directly, I headed to the referral section to identify the source of the traffic. Guess what. It was my previous tweet.

Apparently, Vercel and their CEO Guillermo Rauch had retweeted me and I had 15k impressions with multiple website visits!

Tweet's analytics
Tweet's analytics

Are you here for the daily lesson?! Always tag big Twitter accounts and wish for a simple retweet that can break your servers

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