Day #2 - Beta testing MagicPattern

August 05, 2020

MagicPattern was ready and deployed from yesterday. Today, I had to do the rough work and get my app in front of actual beta testers.

I wrote a personalized message to contact all the people that expressed their interest in MagicPattern and sent it! Got some bug reports and use case suggestions from their replies. I was prepared for harsher feedback, let's repeat the process tomorrow and be luckier!

In parallel, I made some structural changes on the blog and coded the initial version for this sweet daily journal. Obviously, it needs a lot more work!😕

Also, I wrote a better About Me section after the feedback by Alex, a fellow Greek maker, who said talking in 3rd person sucks. In the end, it felt great to write the story of my life and pinpoint my best moments/achievements!

Jim Raptis

Jim Raptis

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