Day #19 - Tech Deamons

October 05, 2020

Today, I had to correct my early rushed tech choices!

Create-react-app generator is perfect for a web app but it's lack any SEO optimizations. Then going to a performant SSR React framework was a one-way ticket for me.

I've used Gatsby but I got tired of their endless builds. Next.js is hyping lately and it worthed a chance.

It took no more than a couple of hours to completely transform the whole app to a working Next.js project. I have to admit, the Vercel guys know what DX means.

The most painful task was to manually transform the react-router-dom Link and useHistory to next/link and next/router respectively.

I'm gonna definitely devote more time on Next.js in the future!

Jim Raptis

Jim Raptis

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