Day #17 - I'm back!!!

October 01, 2020

After a long break, I'm back!

I don't know if I was too busy with MagicPattern or seeking for a reason to procrastinate writing. The past month, my writing inspiration was below the ground.

A quick catch up before jumping in the actual daily logs.

On August, I've launched MagicPattern on Product Hunt and it went kinda viral. I got the first paid customers and a ton of feedback on how to make the app more usable. The launch traffic lasted for almost 3 weeks and I rushed to complete some quick product iterations to keep the momentum.

I'm still trying to define the best distribution channel. Twitter went really well for a while but it's kinda risky. Pinterest, Instagram, and Dribbble seem to work well but need great creative effort and focus.

The MagicPattern's mission is slowly forming along with my target customers. Professional freelancers and digital agencies seem to be the most suitable audience for me.

Right now, I'm experimenting with pricing tiers and whether a trial/freemium plan would make sense. Organic traffic is steady but focusing on content next week makes sense to me. SEO can be my best pal for the next few months.

See you tomorrow!

Jim Raptis

Jim Raptis

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