Day #10 - A fresh design gig

August 13, 2020

Last week, I had applied to an interesting gig on Upwork about the UI of a blockchain platform.

Today, I got a response and jump into a quick call for more details. Long story short, I got the job and should focus my free time on that for 2-3 days.

It's a good way to add an extra income stream to your life and keep up with the freelance industry at the same time. The main reason I did that now was to identify possible flaws in the design-client collaboration.

Guess what, I already have 2-3 ideas to make it smoother!

The platform, I usually choose is Upwork (it helped me a lot in the beginning of my career). Possible, I'll write about my experience with the platform and share a bunch of advice soon.

Jim Raptis

Jim Raptis

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