Day #1 - The beginning

August 04, 2020

Today, I dedicated my free time on preparing the MagicPattern beta launch:

  • Integrated a simple Express JS admin panel (Admin Bro) to the database to make my life easier. The panel will let me connect the MongoDB collections and handle all the saved data and add new. It's a great way to manually upgrade or downgrade users and monitor my application. The basic use case was to easily upgrade my beta user to PRO and get better feedback!
  • Deployed the MagicPattern (frontend + backend) app and make the 1st live testings! Ofc I had to pollute my git history with a ton of 🐛 bug-fixing commits.
  • Generate and integrate the terms of use and policy for MagicPattern. I used the Avodocs app and I'm really satisfied with the quality of the final documents. Then, I build a simple markdown parser for the React landing page to neatly display the docs.

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