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It’s work now

A playful story about the indie hacking feeling(s). How people who create solo products start, feel, worry.Written on November 06, 2020 ·
2 min read
It’s work now

The Story of a maker

Your passion is building products and creating value for people like you.

You give indie hacking a try. Because you have a "real" job, you start indie hacking with a side project.

You build apps for fun and you enjoy it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t spend so much time in front of a depressing screen.

At some point, you think about working on a “bigger” side project and decide to put a price on it. Just for fun.

One day, while you’re returning from a walk, or you’re washing the dishes, or you're heading out of the bathroom you receive an email. Someone has bought your product. You’re thrilled.

You start talking about your side hustle as a product now. Because people actually buy it.

You’re happy for days and making dreams about how you’ll eventually stop the “real” work to focus on your passion.

After a while, new customers start to become less consistent and you start worrying about everything. You’re sad.

You understand that you have to “work” harder to succeed. It’s that simple.

You devote more time. It doesn't’ work.

You re-consider what you define as “quality work”. You focus on the most important tasks and you see progress.

You eventually reach the point where your side revenue is bigger than your real job. You quit.

You follow your passion and now your passion pays the rent.

It feels awesome!

But now, it's not a passion only. It's your actual work. And you must say this loud and fully understand it.

If it doesn't work you return to a traditional job again. In an overcrowded office. Next to an annoying boss.

You must make it work.

It's work now!

* Based on real and imaginary people and events...

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